3 Expert Secrets to Getting Pregnant (that no-one tells you about!)

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Cracking open the vault on the fertility secrets from thousands of successful couples.

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Your Speaker- Natalie Pickering

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Shelly W

Pregnant at 42 after 4.5 yrs TTC

”I just wanted to let you know my incredible news! After what feels like forever and ever, I finally got my positive pregnancy test.

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us. Knowing that we were doing everything right and were not missing anything important took so much stress out of the trying. I am so grateful to you for giving us the tools and support we needed to finally get pregnant.

Thank you!!


TTC for 2yrs+, poor egg quality, luteal phase defect

”From Natalie’s suggestions I finally figured out the right food & meal plans for ME! I got my hormones in balance, saw a big jump in my egg quality and now I’m pregnant with some embryos for the future”


TTC 2 years Endometriosis and high DNA fragmentation

“Before we started working with Nat I didn’t understand how my treatment needed to be different because of my endometriosis, and no-one had ever suggested my husband should test his sperm for DNA fragmentation. We wasted 2 years before we finally conceived our little boy”


TTC 4 years with PCOS

"We’d been trying for +4yrs, all the focus was on my PCOS, and we weren't getting anywhere. Finally Natalie helped us find the hidden reasons why we weren’t pregnant yet. Now I’m pregnant and our baby is due in 3 months"